Inktober Day 22 – Blackie

Blackie just appeared from nowhere in my head fairly fully formed. I wasn’t entirely sure what she was all about (apart from being psychotic) but she developed throughout the series. I think I stole the name from Roy of the Rovers’ chum (the one who got shot – my gosh, those were exciting times!). I liked the way she would just turn up here and there in the O Men series, and every time she turned up, it seemed to be for a very good reason.


Inktober Day 21 – Molly Valentine

Molly is one of those characters who just took on a life of her own. I didn’t have a great deal planned for her beyond the early O Men story arc, but she kept coming back and doing more and more. I really liked her dynamic with Miss Scarlet and they have a complex relationship – kind-of love and hate – which was fun to explore. I ❤ Molly Valentine!


Inktober Day 20 – Patchwork Annie and June Moon

These ladies are O Men supporting characters who pop up here and there. Annie was inspired by Chrysalis, a bar-owner in George RR Martin’s Wild Card series (Chrysalis exited way too soon). I have no idea where June came from. I didn’t have many plans for them, but they kept on coming back and doing interesting things. There’s more on them in the final issues.


Inktober Day 19 – Lorelei

Lorelei is another character who has been with me for quite some time (appearing in some of the comics I did when I was a lot younger), and I don’t know a great deal about her but she still seems like an interesting character. You kind of find out more about her in the 10-part Vicious Circle storyline. She started off by having a death-touch, but I tend to just have her as a generally insane/psychotic character, standing around in the background menacingly.

Inktober Day 18 – Spider!

Spider was one of the O Men’s first villains as part of the Vicious Circle team. Funnily enough, she was semi-based on a character in Prisoner Cell Block H called Spider, who was a nasty little woman with crazy 80s hair. God, I loved that show!!
Fact fans, this drawing was actually done during a meeting at work today.


Inktober Day 17 – The Twisted Sisters

These are the Twisted Sisters, who have been with me/the O Men series since day 1. I actually don’t know much about them, except that they are dangerous and fairly psychotic. I made hints about their origins in some of the early issues and, like some of my storylines, I like to just leave it to the reader’s imagination.

InktOber day 16 – Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound started off as background characters, a gay superhuman duo. They were really throwaway characters, almost silly in a way because they flew around with a big ribbon, but things got serious for them when they returned at the end of O Men volume one, and Sound was murdered by Anathema.

As eagle-eyed Spandex readers (and subscribers to the final O Men issues) will know, Safe joins the O Men ultimately, although sadly there’s so much going on, that he doesn’t get to do a huge amount.

Safe and Sound.jpg