O Men update!

Just a quick update on the brand new (digital) O Men issue! It was due to be out today on Comixology but it’s going to be out on 3rd March now. It was all ready to go but Titan are going to work on a bit of promotion for me! (The promotion lady has been off sick, d’oh!)

Also, I’ve been thinking… and if any people would prefer print copies of new O Men issues instead of digital versions, I am happy to get them done at my local printer. I can offer a subscription to all 8 final issues at £12 including postage (stamps are a bit pricey these days, aren’t they!). I can potentially send them out a couple of weeks before they hit Comixology! (Look – I’ve got issue 2.8 here!)



These copies will be fully black and white (the digital versions will have colour here and there, and the book will contain bits of colour).

Please email me if you’re interested – at martrpeden@yahoo.co.uk, or please just zing £12 along to that email address on Paypal.

But don’t forget that there will (hopefully) be a physical collection of all the issues in November. (And see the end of this message for a note about that.)

(I don’t think I’ve explained myself properly before regarding printing copies – I wasn’t initially keen on selling new O Men issues physically because it can be a bit time-consuming, and drawing the issues is taking up a lot of time. I remember the days when I’d get 100 O Mens printed up and then staple them myself – gawd, it took ages! But now, the copy shop staples them! Also, I used to support new issues with appearances at conventions, but again cons are time-consuming and hard work to prepare for and can be quite pricey to attend.)

But basically, if you’d like to relive the ‘thrill’ of getting new O Men issues in the post, the offer is there and it’s not very hard for me to do – but as I said, don’t forget, there will be a book in November. But… if you subscribe and if you come along to Thought Bubble in November (assuming I can get a table there), I will give you a free copy of Book Five anyway!