The Return of The O Men!

The O Men comic series is coming back!

After a six-year hiatus, O Men creator Martin Eden is bringing the series back to finally complete it.

The O Men – an epic superhero soap opera – began in 1997 and was one of the most prominent UK small press comics of its time, earning itself an Eagle Award nomination. After 35 issues, Martin put the series on hiatus in order to publish his Spandex series. Recently, Martin has been collecting all of the previous O Men issues across four books.

The final 8 O Men issues will appear monthly on Comixology from February 2016 leading up to the print version of the final O Men collection in late 2016 (check out the cover shown here). The series will have spanned almost 20 years when it is completed!

The final issues promise to wrap up all of the storylines and answer all of the series’ questions – including the real reason why the team is called The ‘O’ Men… Plus, there will be strong hints about Martin’s next epic project.

Martin will be appearing at the Thought Bubble convention on November 14-15 with a special black & white O Men Ashcan issue, which contains an all-new mini O Men issue.

For more information, please check out and also the Facebook page, The O Men. You can check updates on Twitter at ‘spandex comic’.


Special note to previous O Men readers:

To all the supporters of The O Men, Martin will be offering the O Men Ashcan issue for free at Thought Bubble as a special thank-you. If you’d like a copy of the Ashcan issue at Thought Bubble, please send Martin an email ( or Facebook message and he’ll put a copy aside for you. If you can’t make Thought Bubble, Martin is happy to send you a copy – although, don’t worry, the issue will be available on Comixology in February.

Also, please do spread the word about the return of The O Men. Martin is promising some very special stories in the final issues and he’d like as many people on board for the ride as possible!