Inktober Day 30 – The USAviors

The USAviors (at one point called The Hard Corps) were my all-action American superteam. I did like them and their super-names. elite was the all-guns-blazing leader, Hotfoot the flighty/sexy member/sometime partner of elite (and daughter of Hotfoot, who joined Kelly’s O Men team at the start of volume two).

Kamikaze and Girl VII were the cool Japanese brother and sister duo (Girl VII was named after a St Etienne song).

Sugar I loved, she was my Rogue-type character, and she represented my homesickness sometimes (when I first moved to London from Birmingham, I would get homesick very often for a long time), and Underdog was kind-of my savage Wolverine/Midnighter character.

I wanted to do quite a bit with the team in the final issues but didn’t have as much room as I wanted – the plan was for Sugar and Underdog to join the O Men at one point, but this didn’t really happen. Keep an eye out for the USAviors in the final issues though, and a twist with Underdog.

usaviors final copy.jpg


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