The final O Men book – finally on sale!

Hi guys,
I’m pleased to say that the print version of the very final O Men book (Book Five) is now available to buy! It contains the last 8 issues of The O Men (plus an ashcan that recaps the series) – it took a couple of years to create and I am really proud of it!
It’s just £8 including postage, and you can get it by sending the money to me on Paypal (using the email address It’s $12 for US readers.
These are all the issues I created after my work on Spandex, so I think they take on a different ‘feel’, and hopefully it works, to some extent, almost as a self-contained book. Also, you will get hints about my next big project!
All other O Men books are available through the O Men website:
Digital versions of the final two issues and the final book will also be available soon on Comixology and Amazon – I will put release dates on the O Men Facebook page when I know them. I’ll also be sending print versions of the final two issues to subscribers soon.
Oh, the book will also be in London’s Orbital Comics and Forbidden Planet very soon.
My 18-year saga has finally ended!

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