Inktober Day 31 – Miss Scarlet

Maybe a writer shouldn’t pick favourites, but I… saved Miss Scarlet for last!

Red was a bit of a muse for me – I really enjoyed writing her and the way she’d take over a scene – either with her outrageous humour or actions. She was also very human, often saying or doing things she comes to regret later. A lot of the O Men’s themes tie in with Miss Scarlet, and a lot of the series’ mysteries involve her. You’ll find out a lot about Miss S in the penultimate issue, and I hope people like it!

And that’s it for Inktober! I wasn’t going to do inktober at all, but got a little inspired by some music (like I often do) and then thought it would be a fitting tribute to the O Men series. It’s also been a great learning process for me – learning from some of the weaker drawings and being motivated to do better. I’ve also found it interesting to see what people respond to the most – there was one pic I was actually struggling with and was on the verge of scrapping it – and it turned out to be possibly one of the most popular pics – that’s the UK Ultra Knights one!

MISS S.jpg


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