O Men Book 4 out now!

The O Men Book Four is now out! It collects the first seven issues of ‘season two’ of The O Men as Kelly (Vixen) attempts to build a brand new team. The book includes includes a special anthology issue featuring special guest artists from the UK comics scene. It is 200 pages with some special secret colour pages included 😉

Book Four takes us up to where I left the series before I put The O Men on hiatus to work on Spandex (and then Book Five will be the massive grand finale – hopefully available at Thought Bubble 2016!)

Book Four costs £7 (including postage) and is available thru Paypal via this link.

Apologies if there’s a slight delay in receiving your copy as I only have a handful at the moment (but will get more later this week).

Cover copy

o men book 4 cover copy

intro copy

Untitled-1 copy


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