Inktober Day 27 catch-up – The Insect League

Well I did this yesterday in a meeting, forgot to do anything with it, then was out all night watching the Aladdin musical, so it’s my first Inktober ‘fail’. Here it is now, anyway.
These guys were just a bunch of fun super-criminals I made up, but they were kind of my ‘Wrecking Crew’ throughout the series (ie, if I wanted a generic bad-guy team to just do something, I could just throw them in).
Beezlebub is the leader – he is the ‘lord of the flies’ (they come out of his mouth!), Dragonfly I thought was quite cool-looking, Flea is fun, bouncing around, Money Spider is a weird Spider-Man/burglar type person, Spidra has huge hair, Arachnid is a huge, weird freaky spider guy, and Mistress Web creates webbing – I did love her hair and costume.
I threw in a little extra explanation about them in the penultimate issue.

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