Inktober Day 25 – Kelly (or Vixen or Britannia)

If you’ve read the O Men series, you probably know how I absolutely adore Kelly as a character. In some ways, I think her and Rob (her brother) are different sections of my own personality – Rob is the upbeat side who likes to see the good in everything, and Kelly is the more anxious side who tries hard but doesn’t always succeed. There’s a little speech Kelly makes in issue 2.1 (where she’s talking to Liberty), and there was a lot of me in there. I think a lot of O Men becomes Kelly’s story – even though she’s not technically in the early issues, that’s her narrating the very first page, and the series soon becomes about her ‘journey’. I do have a soft spot for Kelly – when I was writing The O Men, I always wanted her to succeed and tried to watch out for her whenever I could. (Incidentally, my brother is called Rob.)



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