Inktober Day 4 – PSI-SQUAD

Inktober Day 4 – These guys are PSI-SQUAD, and in a way this is where everything starts – even though you didn’t really get to see their story. The characters are mostly people I made up when I was young – and I’m talking 11 or 12! Definitely, characters like Spiral, Shine, Grace and Rob have been around in my comics from very early on – comics I made and coloured with pencil crayons in my early teens – only one copy existing of each issue.
So you didn’t get to see PSI-SQUAD’s story in the O Men saga really, but you do get glimpses, and it is important because it’s where Rob, Grace, Mary and Stu come from – and Miss Scarlet is tied in there too. Spiral was a big character of mine when I was growing up, so it’s a shame I never got time to write him in the O Men. Inferno, I didn’t really know much about, and there was potential to ‘bring him back’ in some form or other – maybe in Asylum’s head, maybe as a villain, maybe even as Asylum himself (they look alike) – but none of that really felt right, so I left him where he was. Astral – well, I had a whole back-story for her, which I really wanted to delve into one day.
Even before PSI-SQUAD, there were other characters in the Institute – Hound, Molly, more… All things that I never explored, but it all happened…
And one of the best things about PSI-SQUAD was coming up with names that fitted the PSI-SQUAD acronym!



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