Twisted Sisters art!

Here’s an amazingly beautiful pic of the O Men enemies The Twisted Sisters by top artist Nigel Dobbyn – ( .So cool.Image


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  1. Hello Martin,

    I’ve just go around to finally ordering O-Men book 1 (after meaning to check it out after it used to get great reviews back in the day in Comics International… I’m a bit slow at these things). Anyway I forgot to say when I sent the order that if you could sign it that would be lovely. If you do see this before sending the books out (Its ordered by Colin Taylor in Sheffield) and you can sign it that’d be great, if not no biggie.

    Out of interest on what time scale do you hope to get the other volumes out? I hope to get them all, assuming I like the first one, which from all I’ve read I will, but as noted above can be rubbish so if I had a rough idea of time I at least stand a chance of getting them ordered when they come out.


    • Hello Colin
      Thanks for ordering O Men – I hope you enjoy it! It’s my early stuff, so I was still finding my feet – but hopefully it gets better. Of course I’ll sign it for you!
      The plan is to release Book Two in November (at the Thought Bubble convention), then Book Three in 2013, Four in 2014, and Five (which will be all-new material) possibly in 2015 – but I have to start it lol.
      All the best

  2. Well got it and its get to the top of my read pile (it got quite a boost as I wanted to make sure I’d read it before Book 2 came out) and chuffin’ loved it. Great stuff and I hope to get to Thought Balloon to say hi and purchase book 2.

    So great to have finally read this and for it to have matched my expectations…. now is there a collection of Spandex yet…

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